Welcome to the Atrocity Bear Arcade!!

Games List


Play a game against Maria where you have to choose whether her number is higher or lower than yours.

Word Scramble

Madeline has some words for you! See if you can unscramble these atrocity related words and win some beads!

Bead Raffle

Buy tickets to add money to the pool to try to win major beads at the end of the week! The more beads put in the more someone will win!

Clumsy Angel Catari

Help the angel Catari avoid the columns! Harder than it looks!

Clumsy Devil Catari

Help the Devil Catari avoid the fire, More difficult than it seems!

Cameron's Candy Chase

Cameron wants to collect as much candy as possible! Help him out but don't let him fall!!


Merge the numbers to try to add them up to 2048, you can only merge the same number together- Good luck! You're going to need it!

Potter's potion match

Help Potter match potions to make his experiments successful! You only have a specific amount of time to help him, try not to let it explode!


Connect simliar colors in a limited amount of time!


A tetris like game that takes place on a hexagon, match 3 like colors to win.


Match tiles to make them dissapear!

Matching pairs

Match the pairs of NPCs!

0h n0

A game where balls see other balls and it's up to you to follow the numbers.


Click the balls to stop them from hitting the ground!

Hanafuda with Eyre

Play a game of Cards with Eyre! Get the higher score to win !

Smash pumpkins with Tora

Come see Tora and smash soe pumpkins to find items inside!


No description


Minesweeper with Candy!

Coin Flip with Trent

Play a game of Coin Flip with Trent! Beware, hes good at it!