Date: 2019-04-02 20:32:43
Still working I promise! by Ittermat

Hey! I promise Atrocitians stuff is still in the works! Last I checked Battling was 95% done! so soon! heres some fun things you can expect from that! (will give more details on the actual update but heres the basics)

--breedable/sellable minipets

-Elements with weaknesses

--Pet leveling/minipet leveling

--the ability to teach your minipet up to 3 more spells! (they come with one random one)

-Equipment/armor/weapons of awesomeness to help your pets stats!

--new minipets

--new NPCS

-Pet sicknesses/Medicines

-health bars/mana bars

- Owner alignement specific elements for pets (Ie a Dark ghosts pets will be void element- where a light dragons pets will be life)

-more addons/markings

-minipet hermit crabs with changeable shells

A TON MORE! Seriously when this update goes live it will be huge! we might have to do it in a couple parts... I DONT KNOW but I it will be amazing! So thank you so much for your patience! and I appreciate your continued patience I promise we're working hard!


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